Monday, 24 January 2011

Weight Loss Weigh In

Well I wish this was a celebratory post - I really do, but its not! I stepped on the scales this morning to find out I was still 10st 7lbs - GUTTED! I thought I had done quite well this week with food and exercise. I started drinking my first ever Green Monsters that i discovered through Victoria's blog. They are amazing. Total Green Monster addict, I also tried out her Yaki Soba recipe last night which was also delightful. On the exercise front I have been on two runs using the couch to 5k app on my Iphone and managed them surprisingly well, and I have done 2 Pilates classes.

I did however have a cheeky McDonalds and Tom made the most delicious sponge cake with chocolate butter icing filling. Annoying that my boyfriend is better at baking than me! 

This week I am going to try really hard again on all fronts! Lets see what the next weigh in holds!



  1. At least you didn't gain anything, hope you do better next week x