Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Avon, Hair Dye and Hips

Hi Guys,

First off big thanks to the 5 that have been so kind to follow me. I am no way writing this blog to gain followers or popularity. I just use it as a medium for splurting out my thoughts and feelings and as a journal for Rosie. 


Today I became an Avon rep and I am a bit terrified. I am doing it to raise a bit of pocket money. Since becoming a mama, my wants and lusts have taken a back seat to Rosie's needs so it would be good to earn some extra pennies to treat my self to nice things! No idea how it will go but fingers crossed!!

I also purchased hair dye - I was going to nip to Salon Services to get some but I had Tom and Rosie in tow. Tom hates shopping and I thought standing about waiting for me to choose a colour would end in disaster. So i choose to go for Loreal Excell 10 in spiced chocolate - as recommended by a friend. I am currently in the skin test process, which normally I would never bother with but had an urge to do it properly this time. It says to wait 48 hours but I think the dye will be applied at some point tomorrow. I will post before and after pictures! 
Rosie had her follow up hip ultrasound today - she was a breach baby so when she was born her legs stuck out to the left, which is  common in breach babes. She had to have a couple of hip scans to check that everything was growing and developing as it should and today we got the all clear. Yah!! Otherwise she would of had to be fitted with a hip harness. Here is a pic of her squint hips when she was born:
Its hard to believe she was so teeny tiny!


  1. I'm an avon rep too and i'm on my first campaign! its a bit scary trying to hit the targets and also I can't seem to be able to log into my account have you had that problem? x

  2. I havent even tried yet! I never even knew we had sales targets! What happens if you dont meet them?

  3. Hi ladies, I'm an Avon rep too, mainly because I was buying their stuff online so I thought I'd give it a go. I've been doing it for about 6 months now. The targets you have to start with are only so that you get freebies if you hit them, nothing happens if you don't. Hope you enjoy it x