Monday, 28 February 2011


Wow its been a while!

Not really sure where time has been slipping away to recently! Anyway here is a little update on my life!

I am on week 5 of my college course (VTCT Fashion Make Up) and its going alright, I feel like I already know much of what is being taught so maybe its a course for absolute beginners. Also, I feel the class size is a little too big. We are all cramped in to a small room and there isn't enough work stations etc. 

However, I have applied for the HNC Fashion make up which starts in August so hopefully that will teach me more! In the meanwhile I am just trying to get my freelancing up and running in time for Wedding Season. I think I am going to have to dedicate some specific time to it once a week as its just getting so hard to juggle housework, keeping Rosie amused and reading blogs! 

Rosie is my first priority and she is developing leaps and bounds recently! She rolled over onto her tummy herself for the first time today which I think is quite impressive for just 4 months! She also babbles and laughs away and is too cute for words. I promise to put some pictures up soon (and also to be a more active blogger) 

Her room is also finished now (finally) so my aim is to get a room tour video up on Wednesday! 

Anyway sorry for this very quick overdue post but I will get back to it asap!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday round up

The weeks just seem to be flying by at the moment!! Here is a quick round up of things going on at my life at the moment.

Back to school

Last Tuesday was the first day of my college course. I am studying a 6 month course in fashion and photographic make up. The evening was spent just going over the course content and what we will be doing but it got me so excited. I will be assessed on four different looks - bridal, commercial, period and fantasy and have already started my mood boards! 


Last week Rosie has discovered her hands and feet. It is so funny, she just sits there staring at them - totally amazed. Her grasp is also getting stronger and she picks up anything thats in front of her. I love watching her develop so much. She has also learned how to laugh!! She had her 8 week jabs on Friday and has been a bit grumpy and not her self since so we have only heard it once but again it was amazing. Words cannot express how rewarding it is to see this little person you have created become her own individual character. 


We went shopping on Friday and I picked up a few things. Mostly from Primark but I also got Thomas some dream cream from Lush as he can suffer from bad eczema and this is supposed to be a miracle cure. I will try and do a separate little haul post on the goodies that I bought. My treasured find was the much blogged about Gosh Holographic Nail polish. Its a wee gem and I found it in the bargain bin! I have also bought a couple of things from e-bay over the last few days. I really need to use e-bay more as it is brilliant for finding some gems. 

I feel like I have done an awful lot of purchasing of late and this needs to stop. As much as I love reading blogs they do influence me to spend spend spend. Anyone else feel like this? 

The long road ahead

One thing I really enjoyed about pregnant was putting weight on and knowing it was for a good cause. Last week I think I did really well with the whole healthy eating and exercise thing. I have cooked healthy low cal meals and worked out to 30 day shred as well as going  for a 4.5 mile run yesterday. So why do my scales say I am 10.7 again? I think they are broken! I also think I am carrying a lot of water weight so my aim this week is to drink lots and lots of water. This weight loss business is a pain in the arse. However,  I discovered some yummy recipes last week and it has inspired me to do a weekly what I have been eating post where I can share recipes with you guys. 


I Love...

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

Normally I have quite clear skin but for the last week or so it has been quite red in places and also I have a mammoth spot at the side of my lips. This little pot of concealer has become my saviour in these spotty times. Below is a below and after - soz about the zit close up! 

There are still traces of the mega zit but as you can see boi-ing has had a pretty good go of covering it and the redness on my chin has vanished. I find the best way of applying boi-ing is with the good old finger method.  I warm it between my finger and thumb first and then dab it on until the spot dissapears!

two thumbs up!

Shu uemura high performance cleansing oil and Johnson's baby moisturing cream

I randomly applied the Johnson's baby cream one night as it was close to hand. I really wasn't expecting that much from it but as it turns out it was a delightful experience. I have tried so many moisturisers from high end to high street but I am often left feeling a bit blah about them. Johnson's was a dream, it softened out my dry spots, soaked into the skin quickly without any greasiness and created a perfect base for make up. The price is an added bonus!

I first discovered the SU cleansing oil when I was given a free sample. I was hooked from day one. It is quite pricey at £28 for a 150ml bottle but a little goes a long long way with this product. I was a bit dubious when I first tried it out as I thought that as it is an oil it would leave a film on my face but not at all! Below are some pictures of the application process: 

This is a before shot - as you can see I have quite a lot of eye make up on which is normally a nightmare to apply.

You need about 2-3 pumps on dry hands.

You then apply this all over the dry face

Using wet finger tips massage the product in until it emulsifies. As you can see it is shifting the eye make up with a couple of gently sweeps.

Splash face with water to remove - if your eye make up is particularly heavy you may need to rub gently with a face cloth. 

My skin is left soft and silky afterward and feels really clean. The product I use is for combination to oily skin but they have a wide range of cleansing oil covering all skin types. 

Next time you are passing Shu uemera I would def recommend asking for a sample! 

heart and bow bracelet 

I bought this in the ASOS sale a couple of weeks ago for about £3 and I love it! It has never been off my wrist. The little heart is just so cute and delicate. So simple but so lovely! 

I also love these two very much


Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Jewel of a find!

Last Thursday, whilst doing the weekly food shop, I was perusing the clothing aisles of Asda and came upon the Jewellery section. I was mightly impressed! They have a large selection and the prices are cheap as chips!! 

I bagged these little beauties and will be back soon to add to my collection!

I especially love the cutesy bows!


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Goodness - its been so long!

Well Hello!!

It feels like ages since I last wrote - and I suppose it has been.

The last week or so has been completely hectic. So I guess I should do a bit of a catch up! 

My wonderful Maman is now home from hospital and hopefully is on the road to recovery. Thank goodness, she gave us quite a scare.

Me, Thomas and Rosie had a lovely weekend spending time with his family. His older sister left for a year in Australia on Monday so we  had a bit of a leaving soiree on Saturday. Then on Sunday we celebrated Thomas's birthday at his parents. I was totally stuck for present ideas for Tom as he was quite a lucky boy at christmas. Anyway instead of getting him clothes or gadgets, I decided I would buy him an "experience" instead. So I am treating him to a day out at "Go-ape". Go-ape is an outdoor obstacle course in the trees - its full of ariel slides and rope ladders and I have heard lots of positive reviews about it.

Yesterday was my first night of my photographic make up course and although it was just a overview chat of the course, I really enjoyed it. In order to pass we are assessed on four different looks - Bridal, Commercial, Fantasy and Period. So I am going to be busy making up mood boards and face charts over the next few weeks. We also get a make up kit and got a glimpse of it last night. It looks pretty basic and I never got to actually touch the products so I am unsure of the quality however included in the kit is a lovely brush set!! I will go in more depth once I get my hands on the kit.

Things are also going OK on the weight-loss front. Even though I had a shocking week of eating last week which included a chinese take away and a lot of chocolate I somehow managed to lose 2 pounds! However it made me think that I need to be more in control of what I eat as I just seem to eat junk and not really think about it. With that in mind I have signed up to weight watchers online. I did try WW out a couple of years ago and managed to lose quite a bit of weight. 

Exercise wise - I am slacking a bit but trying to get back on the wagon. For the last two mornings I have completed level 1 of the 30 day shred. I heard about this video from a couple of beauty bloggers and also on a few pregnancy forums. Oh my - it is a wee gem. It is a short sharp intense workout but as it is only 20 mins  I seem to be able to power through it and put my all into it. With other work out DVDs I used to slack a bit and therefore they never really worked for me. 

I haven't been for a run since a week passed Sunday so I hope to get back into that from tomorrow and also back into pilates. I think I need to get an exercise schedule sorted out. 

Rosie has come on leaps and bounds in the last week! She is now practically off the breast. Which I am still in two minds about. I really miss the closeness but I just wasn't producing enough to satisfy her growth spurt. Plus she has had the best of it. She is also in the progress of discovering her hands which is so so so cute. She just sits there staring at them for ages! Its amazing watching her develop and become her own little person. 

Hopefully this weekend I am going to get some shelves for her room and do a bit more to her nursery. I am planning on doing a wee mini room tour in the next week or two! 

I also have a load of reviews and hauls to post up and will hopefully get round to post another video as I actually found it quite fun! 

If you haven't already then please check out my You Tube channel and subscribe! 

Sorry this has been quite a boring and lengthy post but I promise I will be back soon with some pictures! And also a big huge hello and thank you to my new readers!!