Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Goodness - its been so long!

Well Hello!!

It feels like ages since I last wrote - and I suppose it has been.

The last week or so has been completely hectic. So I guess I should do a bit of a catch up! 

My wonderful Maman is now home from hospital and hopefully is on the road to recovery. Thank goodness, she gave us quite a scare.

Me, Thomas and Rosie had a lovely weekend spending time with his family. His older sister left for a year in Australia on Monday so we  had a bit of a leaving soiree on Saturday. Then on Sunday we celebrated Thomas's birthday at his parents. I was totally stuck for present ideas for Tom as he was quite a lucky boy at christmas. Anyway instead of getting him clothes or gadgets, I decided I would buy him an "experience" instead. So I am treating him to a day out at "Go-ape". Go-ape is an outdoor obstacle course in the trees - its full of ariel slides and rope ladders and I have heard lots of positive reviews about it.

Yesterday was my first night of my photographic make up course and although it was just a overview chat of the course, I really enjoyed it. In order to pass we are assessed on four different looks - Bridal, Commercial, Fantasy and Period. So I am going to be busy making up mood boards and face charts over the next few weeks. We also get a make up kit and got a glimpse of it last night. It looks pretty basic and I never got to actually touch the products so I am unsure of the quality however included in the kit is a lovely brush set!! I will go in more depth once I get my hands on the kit.

Things are also going OK on the weight-loss front. Even though I had a shocking week of eating last week which included a chinese take away and a lot of chocolate I somehow managed to lose 2 pounds! However it made me think that I need to be more in control of what I eat as I just seem to eat junk and not really think about it. With that in mind I have signed up to weight watchers online. I did try WW out a couple of years ago and managed to lose quite a bit of weight. 

Exercise wise - I am slacking a bit but trying to get back on the wagon. For the last two mornings I have completed level 1 of the 30 day shred. I heard about this video from a couple of beauty bloggers and also on a few pregnancy forums. Oh my - it is a wee gem. It is a short sharp intense workout but as it is only 20 mins  I seem to be able to power through it and put my all into it. With other work out DVDs I used to slack a bit and therefore they never really worked for me. 

I haven't been for a run since a week passed Sunday so I hope to get back into that from tomorrow and also back into pilates. I think I need to get an exercise schedule sorted out. 

Rosie has come on leaps and bounds in the last week! She is now practically off the breast. Which I am still in two minds about. I really miss the closeness but I just wasn't producing enough to satisfy her growth spurt. Plus she has had the best of it. She is also in the progress of discovering her hands which is so so so cute. She just sits there staring at them for ages! Its amazing watching her develop and become her own little person. 

Hopefully this weekend I am going to get some shelves for her room and do a bit more to her nursery. I am planning on doing a wee mini room tour in the next week or two! 

I also have a load of reviews and hauls to post up and will hopefully get round to post another video as I actually found it quite fun! 

If you haven't already then please check out my You Tube channel and subscribe! 

Sorry this has been quite a boring and lengthy post but I promise I will be back soon with some pictures! And also a big huge hello and thank you to my new readers!! 


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