Monday, 28 February 2011


Wow its been a while!

Not really sure where time has been slipping away to recently! Anyway here is a little update on my life!

I am on week 5 of my college course (VTCT Fashion Make Up) and its going alright, I feel like I already know much of what is being taught so maybe its a course for absolute beginners. Also, I feel the class size is a little too big. We are all cramped in to a small room and there isn't enough work stations etc. 

However, I have applied for the HNC Fashion make up which starts in August so hopefully that will teach me more! In the meanwhile I am just trying to get my freelancing up and running in time for Wedding Season. I think I am going to have to dedicate some specific time to it once a week as its just getting so hard to juggle housework, keeping Rosie amused and reading blogs! 

Rosie is my first priority and she is developing leaps and bounds recently! She rolled over onto her tummy herself for the first time today which I think is quite impressive for just 4 months! She also babbles and laughs away and is too cute for words. I promise to put some pictures up soon (and also to be a more active blogger) 

Her room is also finished now (finally) so my aim is to get a room tour video up on Wednesday! 

Anyway sorry for this very quick overdue post but I will get back to it asap!

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  1. Congrats on your course, I've been thinking of doing a make-up course too but really haven't got the time at the minute. After our wedding in December I think I might do an evening course. I hope your HNC goes well for you too, I know how hard it is juggling studying while being a mum x