Monday, 7 February 2011

I Love...

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

Normally I have quite clear skin but for the last week or so it has been quite red in places and also I have a mammoth spot at the side of my lips. This little pot of concealer has become my saviour in these spotty times. Below is a below and after - soz about the zit close up! 

There are still traces of the mega zit but as you can see boi-ing has had a pretty good go of covering it and the redness on my chin has vanished. I find the best way of applying boi-ing is with the good old finger method.  I warm it between my finger and thumb first and then dab it on until the spot dissapears!

two thumbs up!

Shu uemura high performance cleansing oil and Johnson's baby moisturing cream

I randomly applied the Johnson's baby cream one night as it was close to hand. I really wasn't expecting that much from it but as it turns out it was a delightful experience. I have tried so many moisturisers from high end to high street but I am often left feeling a bit blah about them. Johnson's was a dream, it softened out my dry spots, soaked into the skin quickly without any greasiness and created a perfect base for make up. The price is an added bonus!

I first discovered the SU cleansing oil when I was given a free sample. I was hooked from day one. It is quite pricey at £28 for a 150ml bottle but a little goes a long long way with this product. I was a bit dubious when I first tried it out as I thought that as it is an oil it would leave a film on my face but not at all! Below are some pictures of the application process: 

This is a before shot - as you can see I have quite a lot of eye make up on which is normally a nightmare to apply.

You need about 2-3 pumps on dry hands.

You then apply this all over the dry face

Using wet finger tips massage the product in until it emulsifies. As you can see it is shifting the eye make up with a couple of gently sweeps.

Splash face with water to remove - if your eye make up is particularly heavy you may need to rub gently with a face cloth. 

My skin is left soft and silky afterward and feels really clean. The product I use is for combination to oily skin but they have a wide range of cleansing oil covering all skin types. 

Next time you are passing Shu uemera I would def recommend asking for a sample! 

heart and bow bracelet 

I bought this in the ASOS sale a couple of weeks ago for about £3 and I love it! It has never been off my wrist. The little heart is just so cute and delicate. So simple but so lovely! 

I also love these two very much


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