Sunday, 29 January 2012

Yet another Weigh In

So another week goes by unfortunately I have had a 1lb gain this week. Although this could have been a lot worse as I have eaten terrible this week and done no exercise. Back on that wagon as of tomorrow and hoping for a 4lb loss this week :)

How are you all doing?


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekly weigh in

I am pleased to announce that I lost a further 2 pounds this week and weighed in at 10st 1lbs. I am actually pretty amazed at this seeing as I have been suffering from a serious cold this week therefore I have done absolutely no exercise. Let me know how your new year weight loss is going!


Friday, 20 January 2012

A wee haul

Picked up some essentials today:
Hair dye - Unfortunately I am not a natural blonde,in fact I am no where near it on the hair colour scale. I am pretty much polar opposite. I used to get my roots done at the hairdressers but I always used to begrudge the cost so I trained Tom on how to do my roots! Superdrugs natural blonde hair colour is my saviour and an added bonus is that its 2 for £4.99! (I am now at the point where I need 2 boxes for the length) 

Simple moisturiser - Now I am a devoted Liz Earle fan but again I cant really afford the price tag at the moment so have been looking for a cheap alternative but to be honest I have probably spend the price of the LE on this hunt. This Simple offering is next on the list and I will do a review soon. 

Healthy Mix - I might be a bit late on this bandwagon but I have seen only good things about this little gem so fingers crossed it works for me

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - Same things goes for this wee beaut, heard fantastic things but never dabbled. I tried a teeny bit of this afternoon and first impressions are really positive. 

(I did also purchase baby wipes for Rosie alway-mucky face!) 


Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekly round up

 + First off, drop the pounds project update. I weighed in at 10st 3lbs, so exactly the same as last week. Although initially wee bit disappointed, I reminded myself that I thought I was going to have put on this week as I have not been brilliant with food and exercising. This has changed since the end of last week when I signed up for Weight Watchers again and have been doing well every day since. There has only been one day where I went over points and even then I still stuck within my weekly points. I have also started to do the Shred again so hopefully big pounds off this week. I have however had a few comments about my weight loss which is just fabulous!!

+ Thursday I was supposed to have a shoot but had to cancel due to migrane :(

+ Friday was a lovely family day spent in St Andrews (post below)

+ Saturday I had a lovely bridal trial with Vicki and her bridal party. I love meeting clients that I really get on with and can have a laugh with. They all seemed very pleased with results and I cant wait for the wedding in June.

+ Sunday I had a shoot with Scott Robb for one of his clients and it was also the first time working with Robb so I am looking forward to the edited pictures. In case you are unaware I am a freelance Make Up Artist, you can have a look at my work here - :)


Friday, 13 January 2012

Saint Andrews

Today we went on a wee family trip to St Andrews, which is about a 40 min journey away. I often over look St Andrews when planning trips out and places to visit, goodness knows why as it is such a beautiful little town.

We just spent the afternoon having a wonder round the town and browsing in the little boutiques and gift shops. We stumbled across an amazing noodle bar called Dr. Noodles. We both choose the Chicken Teriyaki noodles which were delicious and pretty cheap to boot. The best news is that they are opening a branch in the town where we live! We had to also get an ice cream from Janetta's which sells the most luxurious ice based delights. I went for Ferrero Roche and Tom choose Coffee and Raspberry Ripple (weird combination or what?). Safe to say that my WW points were used up mostly on the delights today!

We took a short walk down to the sea shore but it was bloody freezing!! I couldn't feel my toes. Supposedly snow is on its way. I do hope this is true as I have actually missed not having it around - give me 3 weeks of snow and I bet I take that right back.

I think we fell in love with St Andrew's a wee bit today, although I doubt if we will ever be in the position to afford to live there. Oh well we can dream!

Anyway I will leave you with some pictures from today.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

one step closer...

Hello guys,

Sorry its a bit late but just wanted to give you a quick update on my first week of my new healthy start. My weight in day was Sunday and I am happy to report that I lost 3lbs, which may not have been loads but to be honest I wasn't being overly strict or anything.

The problem is that since Sunday things have gone to pot! When I look back at my food diary it doesn't seem terribly bad but I just feel like I have eaten crap since then and zero exercise!! So to kick start myself back into it I have decided to return to weight watchers. Just so I can keep a tighter check at what I am eating and in the past weight watchers has spurred me to keep going with the exercise.

I have also been having a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night, which is very unlike me as normally I am out like a light! Tonight I feel absolutely exhausted due to the late nights, early starts so I think I am going to have an early night tonight and start fresh from tomorrow.

Also it food shopping day tomorrow :( - my least fav day as I can never think of what to have for dinner! Any suggestions are welcome.

Let me know what spurs you along. I need some serious motivation.

Love Sophie xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

A wonderful journey for you all to follow..

The author, Rachael, is a lovely girl that I had the pleasure of working with on my first test shoot. She and her fiance are now expecting their first child and Rachael is blogging her way through pregnancy. It is a wonderful diary of all the ups and downs she has had so far and I think you will be hooked with the first read as she is a beautiful writer (and a beautiful girl). Reading her blog makes me wish I had done the same with Rosie, or at least kept her journal up to date. Hopefully this will push me in the right direction and give me some inspiration. On that note Rosie cut her 7th tooth today! 

Check out Rachael's blog here


Friday, 6 January 2012

New year New Me

Happy New Year to you all. I cannot believe we are in 2012, the last 10 years of my life have seemed to fly by. 

I havent blogged for an age so here is a quick life update:

My freelance business seems to be growing from strength to strength which I am so excited and overwhelmed about. I think I have more weddings booked for this year so far than I did all last year :) So mostly my time has been spent trying to grow and develop this.

Rosie is now 1! Well 14 months actually,  we had a very lovely hungry caterpillar themed birthday party for her and I will upload some pics from this, actually, I might do a whole separate post. 

Rosie has seemed to come on leaps and bounds over the last few months and has learned:
  • Walking (this keeps us on our toes!)
  • To identify and say Baby, she first did this on NYE whilst watching the google chrome advert. Proudest moment of our parenting life!
  • To shake and nod her head and associate that with yes and no
  • She knows where her nose is and everyday seems to learn something new to mimic
She now attends nursery on a Monday morning and I think this has brought her on leaps and bounds, will keep you updated with any new developments!!

I am back on the fitness and health regime with the aim to lose just over 1stone by my besties wedding in May! The pressure is on!!! I have started the first in a series of vlogs about this on my YouTube channel and will film a weekly update/weigh in so please check that out here and subscribe!! 

My blogging aims for this year are to do it much more frequently and to spread the word. Any help doing this would be fantastic.

I hope you are all well and what are your New Year Resolutions? 

Love Sophie