Friday, 20 January 2012

A wee haul

Picked up some essentials today:
Hair dye - Unfortunately I am not a natural blonde,in fact I am no where near it on the hair colour scale. I am pretty much polar opposite. I used to get my roots done at the hairdressers but I always used to begrudge the cost so I trained Tom on how to do my roots! Superdrugs natural blonde hair colour is my saviour and an added bonus is that its 2 for £4.99! (I am now at the point where I need 2 boxes for the length) 

Simple moisturiser - Now I am a devoted Liz Earle fan but again I cant really afford the price tag at the moment so have been looking for a cheap alternative but to be honest I have probably spend the price of the LE on this hunt. This Simple offering is next on the list and I will do a review soon. 

Healthy Mix - I might be a bit late on this bandwagon but I have seen only good things about this little gem so fingers crossed it works for me

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - Same things goes for this wee beaut, heard fantastic things but never dabbled. I tried a teeny bit of this afternoon and first impressions are really positive. 

(I did also purchase baby wipes for Rosie alway-mucky face!) 



  1. That blonde colour looks lovely. I've got to admit, I've been a bit tempted to go blonde lately but I'm very dark haired naturally so I need to calm myself down and think about it a bit. That concealer is really good. I've always sworn by Erase paste but recently tried this as it was cheaper and it's good stuff!

  2. The hair colour is amazing!!I am very very very dark haired like almost black and I never thought I would suit blonde but I could never fo back dark now. I always look so silly when I do, just do it stage by stage and its fine! xx