Friday, 6 January 2012

New year New Me

Happy New Year to you all. I cannot believe we are in 2012, the last 10 years of my life have seemed to fly by. 

I havent blogged for an age so here is a quick life update:

My freelance business seems to be growing from strength to strength which I am so excited and overwhelmed about. I think I have more weddings booked for this year so far than I did all last year :) So mostly my time has been spent trying to grow and develop this.

Rosie is now 1! Well 14 months actually,  we had a very lovely hungry caterpillar themed birthday party for her and I will upload some pics from this, actually, I might do a whole separate post. 

Rosie has seemed to come on leaps and bounds over the last few months and has learned:
  • Walking (this keeps us on our toes!)
  • To identify and say Baby, she first did this on NYE whilst watching the google chrome advert. Proudest moment of our parenting life!
  • To shake and nod her head and associate that with yes and no
  • She knows where her nose is and everyday seems to learn something new to mimic
She now attends nursery on a Monday morning and I think this has brought her on leaps and bounds, will keep you updated with any new developments!!

I am back on the fitness and health regime with the aim to lose just over 1stone by my besties wedding in May! The pressure is on!!! I have started the first in a series of vlogs about this on my YouTube channel and will film a weekly update/weigh in so please check that out here and subscribe!! 

My blogging aims for this year are to do it much more frequently and to spread the word. Any help doing this would be fantastic.

I hope you are all well and what are your New Year Resolutions? 

Love Sophie

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