Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hair care heros

The condition of my hair has steadily become worse and worse over the last few years, mainly down to the fact it is bathed in peroxide every 6 weeks, not to mention the abuse it gets from hair driers and straighteners.

I have tried product upon product but nothing has really managed to salvage my tresses - that is until now!

*Drum roll please*

Introducing my hair care heros: 

These guys are amazing!! Now I have tried a lot of expensive shampoos claiming that they can help you and when the reality is they really can't. So I was a bit sceptical of the SP range. But wowzers!!! The shampoo really cleanses your hair and gets rid of any nasty build up. It is amazing how clean your hair feels when your rinse this stuff out and the conditioner is amazing. It leaves your hair silky smooth without that claggy heavy feeling. I also use the hair mask once a week for a little bit of extra indulgence :) 

Next up comes Kerastase Elixir. I got given a sample of this when I bought all the SP stuff, and it was quite a generous size. This little bottle of hair care miracle is not cheap at around £27 for 125ml but they do also do a smaller 50ml bottle for around £12 and because you need so little then the 50ml should last you a while. You can use this in a number of ways - as a pre-cleanse before washing your hair, as a deep conditioning treatment, as a pre styling product on wet hair (which is the way I use it) or on dry hair. It smells amazing and doesn't leave a greasy residue on your hands unlike some other hair oils. I give this product 10/10 and rate it even higher than the original Moroccan oil. 

When using these products my hair goes from dry, damaged and frizzy to silky smooth and shiny without hardly any effort so if you feel your hair needs so love then I urge you to give these guys a go.

Let me know how you get on if you do! 


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