Wednesday, 21 September 2011


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to my bestest friend and her spanking new finance!

This weekend was a good one! On saturday I was doing the Make Up for a bridal party in Edinburgh and the apartment was just off the Royal Mile. Although at times a bit hectic the atmosphere in the apartment was brilliant - I love doing weddings like that!

On Saturday night we decided that we were going to travel down to Newcastle the next day to visit some old friends and also meet up up with my bezzie who has recently moved down to Cardiff. They were taking part in the Great North Run so we thought we should really cheer them on. Eventually, after a lot of hard work we managed to find an available B&B and got all packed up and ready to set off early the next morning.

We woke up at 4.30am on Sunday (I do love a good early morning road trip when its still dark outside) and were on the road at 5.30am with a very dazed and sleepy Rosie in tow. We powered it down and made it to Newcastle for 9.30 and that was after a detour to my mums! The morning was spend catching up with my dear ginger geordie friend who I haven't seen for months, in fact it was Rosie's first meeting. Naturally they got on like a house on fire.
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We then travelled across the water on the shields ferry whilst watching the Red Arrows which is always spectacular and met up with another dear friend before trying to battle our way the the GNR finish ground. My god! This was like running the GNR in itself, and of course the mobile networks were all jam packed so we couldn't get in touch with the people we were meeting. After 2 hours we eventually made it and I was reunited with my BFF and her shiny sparkler. Her boyfriend had got down on one knee just after she had finished the race. I must say I am very very excited about this wedding!

We hung around the race ground for a while before embarking on the even more excruciatingly slow journey to our B&B just outside Hexham. Now seeing at this was a fairly cheap B&B we were so pleasantly surprised by what we saw. I wish I had remembered my camera because they views were breathtaking. It was a tradition English Pub like you see in movies and such like and the bedrooms and en-suites were fantastic. You even got bathrobes which is pretty posh for a B&B. Anyway, it was called The Anchor Inn and is in a teeny hamlet called Whittenstall, just outside Hexham. I defo recommend.

So all in all it was a belter of a weekend spent in good company. Has it made me want to run the GNR? Hmmmm possibly.

This weekend I have 2 weddings and a photoshoot which I am looking forward to as I haven't done a creative shoot in ages!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I am just rubbish at remembering to take pictures!


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