Monday, 12 September 2011

I conquered a mountain!

Hello to you all,

What a horrible windy rainy day it has been, or as us Scots say - awfy dreich! Which makes it a perfect day to stay indoors and read books and drink tea!

Last Saturday TK's cousin and girlfriend came to stay for the week. The arrived at around 2pm after driving all they way from Poole! So Saturday night we took it easy and got some beers and a curry in ready to start and action packed week!

We decided to show them the delightful Edinburgh, which is my favourite Scottish city and a lot easier to navigate round now the festival is over. We went for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then just had a leisurely stroll around the city centre. As the boys were with us there was unfortunately not much time (or patience) for shopping which my purse was thankful for.


Monday, we went on our first walking adventure up to Pitlochery. Rosie managed to come along too as we hired this back frame from a local baby equipment hire company. She enjoyed it so much she fell asleep. It was just a short walk but we did come across this wonderful waterfall.


Tuesday was very much about they boys, who enjoyed at 30 min karting session at Knockhill. Me, Hannah and Rosie stood at cheered them on from the side lines. I would have taken part but £30 seemed like a lot of money for me and I could think of plenty more uses for it. After karting we grabbed some food, dropped Rosie off for her very first overnight stay at Grannies and headed out for dinner to a local mexican restaurant. The food was amazing but the strawberry margarita was even more delightful. Then we headed home as we were up early the next day.


On Wednesday I tried something that I have never done before. I climbed a bloody mountain, not just any mountain but the biggest mountain on the British Isles - Ben Nevis. Which is 4409 feet! Can I just add that I have only ever climbed a hill once, when I was about 8! Talking about baptism of fire. Climbing Nevis was really really hard, but achievable and that is with my ridiculous (un)fitness levels. It took us 3hrs 40 mins to get up there and it was freezing at the top!! Because it was such a rubbish day we could only see about 10 metres in front of us, so we could enjoy any beautiful views. Also it was very scary being at the summit, in the mist with massive cliff drops surrounding us. The journey back down was not that enjoyable either and took us 2hrs 30 mins. My feet were so heavy at the bottom and my calves are still aching 4 days later. I have decide to complete the other 2 highest peaks in Britain - Snowdon and Skafell Pike and me and Tom are also going to try and bag some other scottish Munroes.
P.s Notice the nutter who actually ran UP and back down Nevis in very little clothes!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday
We spent most of Thursday and Friday recovering from our climb, however I did manage a cheeky wee visit to what I can only be described as a craft emporium with Tom's mum on Friday, but more on that another time. Saturday we spent the morning watching Rugby before Dan and Hannah left for another Epic road trip back to Poole.


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