Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday round up

The weeks just seem to be flying by at the moment!! Here is a quick round up of things going on at my life at the moment.

Back to school

Last Tuesday was the first day of my college course. I am studying a 6 month course in fashion and photographic make up. The evening was spent just going over the course content and what we will be doing but it got me so excited. I will be assessed on four different looks - bridal, commercial, period and fantasy and have already started my mood boards! 


Last week Rosie has discovered her hands and feet. It is so funny, she just sits there staring at them - totally amazed. Her grasp is also getting stronger and she picks up anything thats in front of her. I love watching her develop so much. She has also learned how to laugh!! She had her 8 week jabs on Friday and has been a bit grumpy and not her self since so we have only heard it once but again it was amazing. Words cannot express how rewarding it is to see this little person you have created become her own individual character. 


We went shopping on Friday and I picked up a few things. Mostly from Primark but I also got Thomas some dream cream from Lush as he can suffer from bad eczema and this is supposed to be a miracle cure. I will try and do a separate little haul post on the goodies that I bought. My treasured find was the much blogged about Gosh Holographic Nail polish. Its a wee gem and I found it in the bargain bin! I have also bought a couple of things from e-bay over the last few days. I really need to use e-bay more as it is brilliant for finding some gems. 

I feel like I have done an awful lot of purchasing of late and this needs to stop. As much as I love reading blogs they do influence me to spend spend spend. Anyone else feel like this? 

The long road ahead

One thing I really enjoyed about pregnant was putting weight on and knowing it was for a good cause. Last week I think I did really well with the whole healthy eating and exercise thing. I have cooked healthy low cal meals and worked out to 30 day shred as well as going  for a 4.5 mile run yesterday. So why do my scales say I am 10.7 again? I think they are broken! I also think I am carrying a lot of water weight so my aim this week is to drink lots and lots of water. This weight loss business is a pain in the arse. However,  I discovered some yummy recipes last week and it has inspired me to do a weekly what I have been eating post where I can share recipes with you guys. 


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