Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Weekend Round Up

Why do weekends always go in such a flash!! Even though I am currently on Mat leave so everyday is technically a weekend, they are still as important as Tom is off work/uni so we can have so family time. 

Tom has his first proper night out with the boys on Friday since the arrival of baby Rosie. So me and Rosie went to stay at my mums. We had a lovely time as one of my oldest friends came round to visit and we got to have a good old natter and catch up as mum looked after Rosie for a couple of hours. Need to do that more often!

Saturday was such a busy busy day!! Rosie had her very first Birthday party to attend! My bezzie Clare's daughter, Hanna, was turning 2. In the morning I got to work to bake some party cupcakes. I rolled half in hundreds and thousands and the other half were decorated with magic star and edible glitter! They looked so pretty!! Whilst I was busy at work another old school friend and Thomas arrived. We all got ready and headed off to Hanna's Pirates and Princess party.

Oh my god!!! Two year old's parties are crazy. Now even though I have a cute little bundle of baba myself and think she is utterly adorable I am not the most maternal person at all! Just watching all the kids running around screaming made me exhausted. Luckily there were a good few adults there too so we set up camp in the kitchen where it was a lot quieter. 

Even though Rosie is almost 11 weeks, she really hasnt been out and about much due to the horrible snowy weather so this was her first major outing and had a lot of people to meet for the first time. She was brilliant and didnt get gurny or grumpy, even with all the passing around!! In fact she didnt want to sleep at all, in case she missed out on something!! 

The majority of people left around 5pm so we spent a couple of hours chilling out a bit and catching up. Its so lovely to catch up with old friends :) Made me think that we really need to get out and about a bit more! 

Here are some pics from the day:

Me, Thomas and Rosie were staying the night at my mum's again as it is just down the road from where the party was held and lucky we did because when we went home on Sunday afternoon we were greeted by floods and fire engines. We live in a little village on the banks of a river and due to all the thawing of snow plus the downpour of rain we had during the night, the river had burst its banks!! Our house is save from the floods but the road to our house was completely under water - it even made the news!! So we headed up to Tom's parents for a couple of hours whilst they pumped some of the water away. Luckily when we came back, although there was still a pool of water on the road, we were able to pass and get to our house. We then spent the evening chilling, watching dancing on ice (come on Comedy Dave!!) and drinking tea. Tom is back at uni today after the christmas break so he was getting organised for that. 

All in all a lovely weekend full of cake and catching up with old friends - perfect! 


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