Monday, 24 January 2011

Weekend Summery

First up - Hello to all my new Subscribers. I am pretty chuffed that 13 people have decided to follow me! If you enjoy what I am writing or know someone who might enjoy it then please spread the word!

I feel like I have not posted in agggggges and my blogger train of thought has somewhat managed to go right off track! But anyway here is what has been going on in my life over the last few day!

I dyed my hair brunette - After a couple of year of expensive highlights I decided that I wanted to go back au natural. So off I popped down to Boots and purchased Loreal Excell 10 in spiced chocolate - school boy error! Although the shade is a lovely deep chocolate brown with reddish undertones it was unfortunately too big a jump for me and at first I looked like I was wearing a wig. Thankfully it has faded a bit but it is still too dark and I look awfully pale - although not as pale as Rosie Webster a la Corrie. 

I feel like I have to apply a lot of make up now in order to look normal whereas as a blonde I could get away with wearing a lot less.

I have also began jogging again but I will do a separate weight loss update all about that. 

My order arrived from ASOS (eventually) but again thats another blog post in its own right!

On Friday Me, Thomas and Rosie went to visit our good friend Clare, Ali and little Hanna. We had a great day of hanging out, painting my little ponies - I got a bit carried away with that - and eating a yummy dinner prepare by Ali. 

Now for the bad news:

Last saturday my lovely mum was complaining of aches and pains, by night time she was in bed with fever, chills and nausea. These symptoms progressed over the next few days and she gradually got weaker and weaker. She went to the docs a number of times and had lots of tests done before being admitted to hospital last Thursday. She then had every sort of diagnostic test under the sun (no joke) before being diagnosed with pneumonia on Saturday afternoon. It was a big shock but at the same time I felt relived that they knew what was up. So over the weekend I have spent both nights going to visit her. Thankfully she looked a lot brighter yesterday and she has text me today saying that if all her heart tests come back ok then she will be out tomorrow. So fingers and toes crossed for Mummy Blanc as she is missing wee Rosie dreadfully.

However, that was not the only bad news of the weekend. My poor lovable Peugeot car - Pablo has also been a bit under the weather and now has no breaks! So he has been sent to get checked out. Luckily we have Tom's car as well but he uses that to get to uni and work so I am currently car - less. Means I can catch up on blog reading though! Pablo is very old (p-reg) but such a great wee car and has hardly had anything wrong with him so hopefully he will be back with us soon!

And some good news to end things on - I got a place on the fashion and photographic Make Up course at college and begin classes a week on Tuesday so I will no doubt be posting a lot about that.

Oh and I finally got my hands on an Urban Decay Naked Palette but keeping my happiness low key for that as Thomas is yet to find this out - although he will no doubt read this - whoops

One last thing - My dad has kindly given us his video camera which is so tiny and cute. So I will be doing lots of filming of Rosie and may even do an occasional vlog but I am not sure if anyone could handle the scottish accent! 

Some cutesy pics of Rosie to end with:

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