Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hospital Bag

Sorry to post yet another baby blog - I will also be posting about other stuff but I just had quite a lot of baby things to talk about and thought these posts might help a few people who are expecting their first!!

Hospital Bag
To be honest I didn't have a clue what to pack in my hospital bag and totally over packed! I went to the hospital with two hold alls as well as my handbag. Below is what I really think you need.

For Muma
  • Nightshirt/gown - I had a C-section so had to get changed into a theatre gown but I found a night shirt brilliant for afterwards. I found them a bit lighter than PJ's which is needed in a maternity ward as it is really really hot!! Obviously because of my section these were a lot kinder on my scar. 
  • Slippers - These are handy for walking about the ward
  • thin dressing gown - give you a bit of a cover up when walking to bathroom etc
  • toiletries  - These are a must!! After giving birth you are not going to be at your freshest and I felt much better after a hot shower to wash my hair.
  • Make - up - when you have a baby lots and lots of photos are taken, of course if you are a natural beauty then you will be ok. But I need a bit of help, now I dont mean take it your whole kit but a few basics such as concealer, blush, mascara and a lipbalm - in face lip balm is a must as your lips really dry out.
  • big knickers - I had bought maternity pants but never used them as I was told they are quite tight and to be honest thats the last thing I wanted. I got some cheap big black knicks from primark.
  • comfy clothes - this is for traveling home in as you will be in your nighty for most of the time in hospital. I opted for leggings and a vest top. 
  • books, magazines, ipods, ipads, kindle - basically anything to pass the time. Me and Tom found it a bit weird in between visiting hours as Rosie was sleeping so there wasnt much to do. They are also good to have at night time when your partner goes home. 
  • Phone charger - Your not supposed to use your phone but everyone sneaks it. I forgot my phone charger and it was a nightmare.
  • snacks and drinks - you obviously do get fed by hospital but its not going to be fantastic. I was craving fizzy drinks for some reason and obviously the hospital dont provide this.
For baba

  •  Sleep suits and vests - probably need about 4 of each and you will most likely just need newborn size. We took in far to much and nothing fitted as for some reason I thought we needed 0-3. Nope, we certainly didnt.
  • Muslin squares - pretty much can be used for anything from washing your face to mopping up sick and spills. Take in a couple.
  • Coming home outfit - of course! Remember to take a wee hat.
  • Blankets - You only really need a couple as the hospital has them. M&S do some lovely ones!
  • Nappies - Only a few really, probably about 6. You get loads from the hospital. I took cotton balls in but they are all supplied by hospital too so you dont really need them.
  • Mitts - defo a must and we forgot to pack these so had to use socks - how classy.

If you are planning to breast feed i recommend you invest in some lansinoh nipple cream - its a miracle worker - and a few breast pads. Your milk may not come in whilst in hospital but if it does you will probably leak everywhere.

If you are planning to formula feed then most hospitals supply tiny bottles of formula for the baby so you don't need to take anything in but its probably best to check with hospital first.

A point to remember...

Don't worry if you forget to pack something. Your partner will be sent home at night so can always pick up what you need. There will no doubt be a 24 hours supermarket near by that stock all the essential items. Plus you can always ask visitors to bring you supplies in!! 

Also try and get plenty of rest in hospital and let the midwives do some of the work as you don't get this luxury when you are at home!! (unless you have a nanny!) Stay in hospital until you feel confident. Hospitals tend to try and rush people out and to be honest you might feel like you want to get out but I really wish I had stayed in hospital for a couple of nights longer as after a couple of days at home I wanted to re-admit myself. 


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I'm currently going through the hospital bag packing process and this has been really helpful! I thought I needed 0-3 months too!! xxx

  2. No problem - I just packed everything and ended up having to cart three bags about (well Tom did) because we had to walk from the Midwife Unit to the maternity unit and then down to theaters and then back up to recovery and then onto the ward!

    Rosie is just fitting into 0-3 months now and she weighs about 12lbs so I think you will be safe!! Just stick to the newborn and maybe a couple of tiny babies to be on the safe side!