Monday, 17 January 2011

Baby Weight Loss Challange

I know I know, there has been an abundance of posts about weight loss recently due to it being a new year and all and this is just another addition!

My weight history
When I was at school I was a skinny minny and hated it!!I could get away with eating anything I wanted and not put an ounce on! In fact I worked part time in a chinese take-away and munched myself through 3 chinese meals a week! Wowzers!!!

When I turned 19 *BANG* all those chinese meals caught up on me and suddenly I could no longer shift the weight so fast!! And so began the beginning of my weight loss roller coaster. When I went to uni I really shifted on the pounds and got up to my heaviest weight of 11 and half stone. I managed to lose that and put it on and lose it again a number of times. From about 2008 I have remained around the 10 and half stone mark. I did go down to the nines a couple of summers ago but then it all came back again.

Then I fell pregnant and my weight was no longer an issue as it was a given it was going to go up! Well Rosie is now here and I am on my weight loss mission again! 

I dared to go on the scales and discovered that I weigh either 10st 4 or 10 stone 7 (weighed myself on two sets of scales). The mission is to lose 21 lbs in 12 weeks - starting from now!!

I am doing between 40 - 60 mins of pilates a day by signing up for Pilates Anytime. Its a great website full of pilates video classes. You pay around £10 a month and have access to hundreds of  videos! I was initially going to join the gym but the reality is I would never have time to go as I look after a teeny baby full time! Pilates Anytime is ideal as it means I can work out. I am also going to dust the old running trainers and try get running a few times a week and I am contemplating purchasing the 30 day shred  which is much raved about by Victoria over at lilly love lola ( a fantastic blog by the way that had me enthralled for hours and hours, so much so that Tom was slightly bemused!).

I am also going to sign up to either the 5 or 10k race for life. I have already done the 5k so would love to up the ante and do the 10k but I am not sure if my lungs would cope. 

Anyway I will no doubt give you regular updates on how its going - maybe a weekly round up or something. 

***EDIT - Just had a look at race for life site and the race days have now been announced so I think I will do the 10k Edinburgh race  on the 19th June. Anyone else plan to do that? **


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