Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Rosie: 12 week update

Hey Folks,

Well Rosie is 12 weeks today! I can't believe how fast time has been going recently. For the first month it went so slow but now the weeks have been flying by.

Rosie has come on leaps and bounds recently. She has been properly smiling since about 8 weeks but now she also gets excited and throws her arms about. I am sure she will start laughing soon. She also thinks its great that she has learned to blow bubbles and does this constantly so her tops are getting soaked. On with the bib! 

She is really taking everything in now and looks about the room. She also recognizes faces and voices. I love it when she sees your face and smiles, there is so much character  in her eyes.

The breast feeding is getting a bit tiresome and I feel she is getting more and more formula. I think that in the next couple of weeks the breast feeding will come to a natural end. I have mixed feelings about this. I love the closeness of breast feeding and like knowing she is getting lots of good stuff but my oh my it can be tough work. And on a more selfish level - I would love to be able to wear nice bras again! On an even more personal level - breast feeding is not kind to your boobies and I am going to try get my hands on some cream that hopefully helps them go back to a more "pert" shape! 

I am also trying to get her doing some "tummy time" but she hates it! If any mummys read this and have any tips then please share. She also has her next round of jabs next week :( her daddy will be taking her again! And I also want to get her to the swimming pool!! 


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