Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weekend Summary

Hello everybody,

Cant believe it is Sunday again already- hope you have all had a lovely weekend. On Friday me and Tom went out for dinner for the first time in ages, we have been out with others but never by ourselves since a few weeks before Rosie appeared. We were going to go to the Dundee Duncan of Jordanson Degree show but then had a rethink as it was the opening night and it would have been packed so probably wouldn't have got near the exhibits. So we decided to hop on the train to Edinburgh instead and ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe. This really put my new eating regime to the test! I managed to restrain myself to only one Hurricane cocktail and shared nacho's to start. Now this was a bit of a mistake as the portion size was huge! I could have happily just left it at that but obviously the main's were already ordered. Luckily I had ordered the Cobb salad so it was not so bad. For those of you that have never been the salad was unreal. I normally hate ordering salad when I am out but it was gorgeous. Again the portion size was huge, I ate half of it and got the rest boxed up to take home ( another advantage of ordering a salad). We were so stuffed that the idea of dessert made me feel a bit sick.

We had planned to go for a couple of drinks after but we were both shattered, due to a sleepless, teething 6 month year old so just headed back to my parents where we spent the night. 

Here is a lovely picture of that amazing salad: 

Yesterday we had planned on going for an epic 7 mile walk but the weather was totally rubbish so we ended up doing pretty much nothing which was annoying. Here is a little look at what my food diary looked like.

B- missed
L - Tuna and basil pasta
S - milky way and banana muffin
D - Home made ham and mushroom pizza with salad followed by strawberries and low fat cream
S - a teeny bit lindt 

Exercise - 300 ab work out

I wasnt exactly happy with yesterdays food plan. I skipped breakfast which was a major flaw, only had a small lunch and then it was ages till dinner times so literally inhaled the milky way and muffin as I was cooking! Points wise it turned out not bad though. Still not drinking enough water though. Its not that I don't like it, its just I forget. Has any one invested in one of those hydro coach things? I always look at them but think they are pretty pricey really and that I could maybe set alarms on my phone or something? 

Today I have managed to push myself to go out for a run and I really enjoyed it. Now I am not a running person and also I am really really unfit so I am using the Couch to 5k app on my phone. I found that I could do all the running bits easily which was a surprise and obviously a bit of Lady Gaga blasting in my ear helped. I even managed to run in rain! Something that would normally be used as an excuse to sit on my ass instead. For those of you that are unfamiliar with couch to 5k - it is a great little app that helps build your stamina from 0 running to being able to run 5 k in 10 weeks. The aim is to do 3 runs per week but you can do more or less depending on your schedule. Here are today's stats: 

Distance: 2.0mi 
Walk Pace: 16.17 /mi
Run pace: 13.57 /mi
Cal: 163

Think I will alternate this with 30 day shred and some weight workouts. Also trying to do 300 ab exercises a day too. Phew! 

Here is today's meal plan

B - Porridge with cinnamon
L - Green monster smoothie, toast and PB
S - Wholemeal Banana Muffin and a carrot 
D - Mexican fajita rice from the girls at Where are my Knees

I have a shoot tomorrow so just spending the afternoon researching and preparing for that. Also was woken up no less that 10 times last night by Rosie. Fantastic! 


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