Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I am such a bad blogger

Title says it all really. I love writing blogs and seem to have so many ideas and inspiration but then never get down to actually typing. I blame my cumbersome old macbook for that and see it as a perfect excuse to whine on about wanting to own the new macbook air - so light and easy! But really the route of the problem is I am always to busy reading everyone else's blogs and so never have time to get round to mine.

So what's been going on in my little life over the past few weeks. Well me, Thomas and Rosie embarked on our first ever family holiday. Not abroad I am hastened to add but we had a glorious time right here in the UK and got lovely weather too. We were away for 10 days and in that time made stop off's at The Trafford Centre, Warrington, Oxford, Poole, Surrey and Newcastle! We were mainly traveling around showing Rosie off to Tom's family but it also gave me an opportunity to visit places I had never been before. Below are a few snaps of our journey.

Top to bottom: Tom, Rosie and our nephew Oliver, Classic NCL bridge shot, Tom being arty with the camera on our walk around the Devil's punch bowl, Rosie found a wee friend, Tom on Sandbank's beach, The Devil's punchbowl, Our holiday home in Sandbanks (we wish), another NCL bridge shot, Poole beach, Rosie is surprised to see a camera at the dinner table, Rosie chillin with her wayfarers, Yet another motorway, Rosie, Tom's nana and Rosies 2nd cousin - James, Classic car shot, Rosie on her first ever swing wearing her first pair of Vans.

Rosie is now 6 months old and is no longer a wee baby, she has grown her first two teeth this week. She has been brilliant with them and only has the odd wee cry but nothing a bit of teething gel cant sort out. She is in her big cot in her own room now. We kept her in with us until she was 6 months, only because we are to lazy to get out of bed and walk the teeny distance it is to her room. But believe me in the middle of the night that walk seems so tedious. She has been brilliant apart from the fact she wants to sleep on her tummy, which freaks me out. I have to get up at least 4 times a night to make sure she is ok! 

I have also been very busy on the make up front and have had a few trials and shoots in the last week or show. I will eventually get round to putting a post up about them and show off my portfolio so far. 

I ate so so so so much on holiday and could literally see the pounds clinging on to me. The extra weight just seems to stick round my belly - something that never happened before I had a baby. So I have re-joined WW and tomorrow is my first weight in day - haven't had a good week so not expecting much but even 1 pound would be fantastic! I am trying to collect lots of healthy dinner recipes to help me keep on track and also getting back into exercising again :( 

So thats about it really. I know I always say this but I promise I will post more!! 


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