Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tone it Up! Day 1

Greetings all, hope your are safe and well after these last few days of utter horror and devastation. All seems calm in England now, lets hope it stays like that. These riots made me feel glad that I now live out of the city, I was so scared for all my English friends and family. Anyway I hope we have seen the end.

If you read my blog (then thank you!)  you will know that I am the worlds biggest yo yo dieter, I start a diet or fitness regime, stick to it for a week or two then thats it. Well I am back on my quest to lost this last stone, which for some godly reason wants to stick around. Whats the plan this time?

Well I was looking up diet chef the other day and was very tempted but the high cost just put me off. Its like my whole months shopping budget, and although I would be fed, what would Tom and Rosie eat! So i looked into the food a bit more and thought hmmmmm surely you can do a bit of a DIY diet chef. The main pros for diet chef are that you don't have to think what to have and you get the right size portion so no overeating. So i have decided that I am just going to weight out my portions so they are the same size as the DC ones. Also I can tailor my meal planning around the same meals they have or make something else that is fairly healthy. Lunch wise, all the DC ones are soup, so I will just stock up on that and make sure the portion size and cal count are similar. Same with breakfast. So there you go, a DIY diet chef.

So thats the food thing out the way, so what about that awful thing know as exercise. Well the other evening when I was catching up on some You Tube vids,  a wee link caught my eye. It was to the Tone It Up videos, so clickity click I went.

The channel is brilliant, loads and loads of great work out videos for free. There was also a link to their website so I had a wee look at that and found the "Spring into Bikini series". This is 8 weeks worth of planned exercise. All you have to do is follow the days challenges  one by one and in 8 weeks you should be much more tonnes and slimmer.

Today was the first challenge and it was the Booty Call. This means waking up 30 mins earlier a day and fitting in a fat burning workout. Well i didn't wake up 30 mins early, in fact if anything I woke up 30 mins later than usual as Rose the Human Alarm Clock decided she wanted a day off and slept in! Nevertheless I went out for a run at lunch time (in the pouring rain, may I add) and managed just over 2 miles!

Tomorrow its the Bikini Strap work out, and I must say as the exercise is generally different everyday I am actually looking forward to it!

I will try and update as best as I can but if you want to go check it out the you can find it here:

I also thought about doing some vlogs but always feel like an utter twat when I film myself!

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