Saturday, 18 June 2011


I am actually sick of this crappy weather now. Yes, I know I live in Scotland and its supposedly rains a lot but this is ridiculous now! I am blaming the current weather for my lack of motivation for the exercise and weight loss at the moment. I just cant seem to motivate myself for more than a couple of days.

I am now toying with the idea of joining a gym again. When I lived in Newcastle, I was at the gym most nights after work and enjoyed it. This is mainly because I had Erica my gym buddy there and we could motivate each other. Also the gym was a stones throw away and didnt take a lot of effort to get there. Since moving back up here I fell out the gym routine,  I no longer had anyone to chum me along to classes, it was much harder to reach and then I fell pregnant. Since having Rosie I have battled with the should I or shouldn't I argument and I think its about bloody time I gave it ago again.

It might also give me the chance to meet new people. Something I think I would really benefit from, especially since one of my bestie's has moved all the way to Cardiff! I also sometimes get into the habit of not seeing friends for ages, I think this has partly got to do with the fact that it is now such a mission to get out the door in under an hour! And the rubbish weather may I add. There has been about 5 nice days since Rosie was born! 

Does any one else seem to get stuck in this hermit routine? and apologise for the moany post! 


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